Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 5

As the great “Garfield”, in his American comic strip by Jim Davis once said, “Cats are poetry in motion. Dogs are gibberish in neutral.” They are opposites in so many ways and often the people who prefer one of the other take a polarized stand for their personal favorite.

The two Ragdoll breed cats that I own would consider me a traitor if I did not defend their important status as the world’s number one pet! (I prefer “purrs” to “hisses”, and besides, they know where I sleep.)

Here is my list of why cats are a better choice for a pet than a dog:

LIFESTYLE: While dogs and cats both need our time and attention, cats definitely win this one without much competition when it comes to flexibility with your lifestyle. No need to rush home to let out or walk your pet cat!

EXERCISE: Unless you are partial to taking morning and evening walks every day, cat ownership wins this category. If you aren’t the outdoor type, an occasional toss of a cat’s favorite mouse toy will guarantee that you read your paper in peace.

POTTY HABITS: This category could be a toss-up for some people. Both dog and cat potty habits have their minus and plus factors. For dog owners, there are assorted “pooper scooper” devices. Just make sure that you aren’t embarrassed to carry one or that you don’t mind scooping up their fresh deposits.

For cat owners, if you live in a city where laws dictate that your cat must be indoors, then make sure you have no problem scooping out their daily packages in their litter box and that you clean out the box weekly. There are litter products now that make this process quite easy with minimal effort on the part of the owner.

For my money, this particular job is definitely a plus as a cat owner.

PERSONALITY/TEMPERAMENT: Humans are certainly a mixed bag and our four-legged friends are no different. Just like our human children, our furry kids need similar rules to make them grow into the kind of adults who make us proud and who play well with others. This requires planning, consistency and follow-through for both dogs and cats.

Dogs appear to love pretty much everyone unless they have been mistreated by someone in particular. On the other hand, cat owners understand that we earn a cat’s trust and love and they can be very discriminating. This tends to hurt the feelings of dog people who have never owned a cat.

For myself, I have experienced the love of both dogs and cats. I have learned not to expect

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