Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 41

Whether a dog or a cat is a better pet really depends on individual’s personality. It is more of a good match between the pet and the owner. Just like couples and jobs. Jack who prefers desk bound job will feel that the secretary job is better. However, Dill who prefers adventures and challenges will feel that the sale job or engineering job is better.

Dog and cat each has their own unique characters and behaviors. One has to try and experience both dog and cat as their pet before they will know which is more suitable for them.

However, generally, dog makes a better pet as compared to the cat. That is why dog is labeled as the man’s best friend. Cat is commonly known to have nine lives but this does not make cat a better pet.

There are a few reasons why dog is ranked as man’s best friend. One of them is dog’s loyalty and devotion to human. The dog will stick by you no matter what happens. Remember the 911 incident where the dog leads its blind owner to safety? In times of life and death, instead of fleeing for life, the dog actually risked its life to save its owner. Even heard of any stories where the cat risks its life to save their owner?

One of the main reasons why dog is a better pet is because dogs are great companions. Dogs are good companion for the elderly as they accompany the olds to spend the rest of their time when the children grows up and leave the family. Most of the time, dogs replace the children and fill up the loneliness in the olds. Childless couples often keep dogs and divert their love for kids to the dogs.

Dogs can also bring out the laughter of quiet children who do not like the crowd. Dogs can be trained to lead the blind and replace the eyes of their blind owners. Besides that, dogs can also aid the deaf and replace the ears of their deaf owners. Doctors and specializes usually highly recommend dogs to accompany both the mentally and physically disabled. Ever heard of the cat being the companion for the disabled?

On top of that, dogs also can do day to day tasks like helping its owner to fetch the newspaper. It can also help its owner to herd livestock as sheep dog and guard properties like houses and warehouses. The dog will wag its tail and wait for its master to return home after a day work at the battle field’. Ever seen a cat helping its owner to herd the sheep?

Dog’s intelligence is another plus point why dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs are often trained as police dog to detect drugs and even pirated CDs. With dogs’ good sense of smell and hear, dogs can help to trace thief. Dogs often aid humans in the search-and-rescue team. Cats are known for their playfulness and thus are unable to be trained to help us.

The points mentioned above clearly indicate that the dog is a better pet. In fact, dogs are more of a friend, a companion, a child, a loyal servant to us. Dogs are just like another family member.

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