Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 40

What makes a better pet? Well really there is no simple answer to this debate, as it depends on what you like, whether you are away from home for much of the day and what you want from a pet. For some people a dog is more suited to their life or their personality for others it will be a cat.

However putting that aside I would say a dog makes the best pet. Why ?

Firstly I think dogs interact much more with humans. Cats are very independent, they like to do their own thing, they wander around outside by themselves and only come home when they want fed. On the other hand a dog is much more loyal, it will do things to please you and get your attention. A well trained dog will hang on your every word – a cat will not.

Secondly a dog is a good thing to have if you want to keep fit or just get outside for fresh air. Its great company on a walk, and I know I feel safer walking at night when I have my big dog beside me. Now I know you can take a cat for a walk, I have seen people doing this, but I don’t think cats take too kindly to leads and you will raise a few eyebrows as you wander past with your cat on a lead! So dogs are a better pet if you want to improve your health and your lifestyle.

Thirdly I prefer a cat to a dog because if I had a cat I would worry about it being outside on its own. So many cats go missing, due to being knocked down or being caught by foxes. At least when you have a dog and its on a lead you know where it is and you don’t have the same worry. I know you can get cats and have them as house cats but a cat really is meant to roam, thats what they do, its part of their make-up and they often get bored and destructive if left alone in a house all day.

You can teach a dog tricks and play games with it, you cant really do the same with a cat. A dog will play games with you for ages, a cat meanwhile will get bored and stroll away.

A dog is a great companion, its more loving and more giving whilst a cat is more taking. A dog is more predictable a cat meanwhile can change its personality if its not happy and all of a sudden lash out at you with a sharp claw, a dog is more unlikely to do this.

If you go on holiday you can take your dog with you, its much harder to take a cat with you to a holiday cottage. If you leave them with friends a dog will happy live in someone elses house, a cat on the other hand will not.

For me a dog will always win over a cat. They are great company, loyal friends, great with all the family and will always be mans best friend!

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