Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 4

Wow! This one rates right up there with whether to circumcise your newborn son or not! People are absolute vehement about their decision on which is the best pet to own. When it comes down to it, the opinion of one person is just that – an opinion. While I sit with my dog at my feet I am not ashamed to note that my first pet and first love was a cat. Oh he was a magnificent creature! An orange marmalade male cat named Sam, who, unlike his girlfriend Sarah, would actually allow my 2 year old hands to pick him up, albeit by the head. On a 4 year old whim I decided that Sam may, in fact, fit between the glass and the screen in our dining room window. I suppose the good news is that he did. The even better news is that my dad found him, not 5 minutes later, with his sweet face pressed against the glass, wondering how this tiny preschooler got the better of him.

So you see there is so much to love about cats. I am currently plagued with a 7 (and a half!) year old daughter who lives and breathes kittens, cats and all things feline. Being more an animal lover than a specific species lover I find it hard to deny her when we visit our local chain pet store during adoption time, however I know my strictly dog-loving husband would coincidentally have kittens if we brought one home.

All that being said – I absolutely love dogs. As a veterinary technician I have run across the occasional cat that seemed to act as affectionate, loving and playful as a dog does but they were few and far between – and I remember all three of them! I guess when it comes down to it I’m looking for a companion who participates in the relationship, and on the whole, only the special cat can do this. Humans own dogs but cats own humans. This is something you must learn and accept if you’re to live with either one.

In the end you need to know what type of pet/owner relationship you’re striving for and then find the right animal to fit the bill. While the majority of cats are not generally the loving, mushy type there are a handful of dogs that don’t necessarily fall into those lines either. Which makes a better pet? That depends largely on the owner and the individual pet. Cats can generally be described as ‘low maintenance’ but they are still living creatures that crave attention. Dogs are a more social creature and most not only crave, but thrive on human attention. The so-called better pet is completely consequential and relies heavily on what you desire for a companion pet.

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