Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 38

There are many pros and cons to any pet choice and the choice between a dog and a cat is one of the most fundamental. At first glance you may believe that this choice is nothing but a personal opinion but the truth is that there are real differences between this animal and while the choice of a dog or a cat for you personally may be little more than a choice of preference it is best to understand the animals well before you make that choice.

The most important thing to think about when choosing a pet is what you want the animal for. If you simply want something else in the house, but don’t want to spend a lot of time walking it, playing with it, and giving it attention then a cat is likely the better choice. In general cats are far more independent than dogs. Leave them alone for a day with enough food, water and a clean litter box and the worst you can expect is that they will claw on the furniture, something which is not a sign of boredom or loneliness but of the need to keep their claws sharpened.

the problem is that when you are there many cats have the generally same feeling towards you as when you are not. Total indifference. They may allow you to pet them, but in general many of them simply don’t care, and because they are not typically as strong as a dog children who want to play with them can become timid or even mean if children play with them in a rough manner.

Dogs on the other hand are much more reliant on people than cats are. It is not uncommon for a dog left alone to act out, breaking things, pooping on the floor, barking, and chewing things even when they know far better. This is not difficult to understand. if you left a six year old home all day alone they would likely begin to act out as well. Still, this need for your companionship has its up side. Dogs are almost always excited to see you come home, they are far more likely to jump on your lap and play games. They will spend hours playing with a ball and are happy to roughhouse with children.

Another advantage of dogs over cats comes in their non-pet functions. A cat is useful in keeping small animals out of your home. If you have a mouse problem a cat will not only remove the problem, but bring you small, furry, dead presents. Dogs on the other hand are excellent for keeping your house safe. They will in no way replace a security system, but a dog barking will alter you to anything odd in the neighborhood and few people are going to break into a house once they hear barking.

Dogs are also protective of their owners. More than once I have had my own dog protect me from other dogs and once from a man. I don’t know that he was dangerous but the dog certainly thought so and made it quite clear that he should lave.

The real reason that dogs make better pets than cats though is in their very nature. Dogs are pets. They will learn tricks, come to you when you call and are dependant on you. Cats on the other hand are excellent neighbors. They keep themselves clean, help remove pests and don’t ask for all that much in return, but it’s difficult to say that they are pets.

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