Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 37

Really? Could it be so simple to choose an entire category of domesticated animals over another? Reminiscent of shopping for, say, a computer-PC or Mac? Perhaps a little more complex, like-sushi or tandoori for dinner? Nah, not even that does it justice.

Pets are as varied as one human to another-either cats or dogs or birds or guinea pigs or snakes or fish… But, I suppose the cat or dog debate goes on with broader strokes.

I have met cats that act loyal, needy, and happy around their kitty parent. I have a dog that can be as finnicky, introverted, and random as a cat. However, in general, sans specific pet allergies, a person can get some umbrella characteristics of each category to choose from (assuming that a person limits themselves to but two categories).


*loyal *selfish

*needy *self-sufficient

*extroverted *introverted

*all sizes *small

*loud *quiet

Of course, they have some things in common, too. Cats and dogs are just plain cute, funny, generally soft and furry, and continuous companionship is good for the health of their owners.

Whatever your choice (mine is the dog-but I have cat allergies), a pet connects us that much more to nature. It is my belief that caring for a pets gives us a sense of responsibility beyond ourselves and breeds in us more compassion for living beings.

So, my vote is: undecided-love your pet no matter which you choose! But, I have owned both. As a young child, I had cats but when my face swelled to twice its size and I couldn’t stop sneezing, my parents gave them away. This turned me off to the large breed dog my dad bought us who was so big and not as soft as the kittens had been.

But he grew on me (all white and fluffy with a waggy tail like he was), and slowly I became avoidant of felines to spare myself allergy attacks. Upon meeting my brother’s cat that doesn’t make me sneeze (the cat is too big to clean himself and it is the saliva I’m allergic to), I rekindled a love for cats, as well. But what are the chances of getting a fat cat?

I have two beagles and the beagle is often referred to as the cat-dog because of their stubborn, independant nature. Their loyalty once earned is devout-but I often wonder if I am in any way the ‘master’ except I don’t care. I love my pets and I know they love me.

I am a mother of four-2 daughters and 2 dogs.

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