Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 36

Choosing a pet should always depend on your current circumstances. What can you afford? What sort of housing are you living in? Do you have a backyard, or a park within short walking distance? How is your lifestyle; are you an active person by nature, or a sloth?

I personally am a happy owner of one cat, one dog, and two chinchillas. Yet I must conclude that while dogs and rodents are lovely pets to have, cats tend to be the most convenient pets of the lot.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of a cat as opposed to a dog:

1. Cats can be raised as purely indoor or outdoor creatures, depending on your housing situation. I, personally, cannot come to terms with the idea of forcing a dog to live in an apartment, where the only chance for it to go outside would involve the end of a leash. A cat can live quite comfortably in an apartment or a house with no need for the outdoors.

2. Cleanup. Both pets require a good deal of cleaning up after, especially when you first bring it home. However, cats learn very quickly to find their litter box; if needed, litter boxes need only be emptied once a week. A dog- especially a puppy if forced to stay inside all day- will require daily cleanup, especially on walks.

3. Cats are by nature more independant; felines are never truly tamed. Therefore, you can leave for work and come home eight hours later, and (provided you give it entertainment) you can return without the cat being desperate for attention. Dogs, meanwhile, are more social creatures. And while having a wagging tail and a lopsided grin greet you at the door is wonderful, the dog will need a good deal of daily attention from you even when you’re utterly exhausted from work. The cat will accept whatever affection you offer it, so long as you remember to feed it.

4. Because of cats’ independance, you don’t necessarily need to set them up in a kennel if you need to go away on vacation. If provided with food, fresh water and toys to keep them occupied, a cat can be just fine by themselves for a long weekend. Dogs should not be left on their own for that long; they need to come along, be dogsat, or be put in a kennel.

5. While dogs come in all shapes and sizes, cats tend to follow a standard of weight and size. So while your puppy may wind up putting on an extra 30 pounds, your cat normally won’t do so.

6. Cats can be taught tricks as well; it simply requires more perserverence.

I love all of my pets equally, but as a college student, I believe that my first pet- especially in an apartment- will be a cat.

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