Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 34

The question asked here is clearly a matter of personal choice. Well, to some very real extent it is; many factors may preclude a “pet parent”, (just flatly hate the word owner when speaking about life, animal or human), from keeping one over the other. Allergies, renting guidelines, noise issues and time constraints to name but a few. It is important to note here that keeping any pet safe from harm, well fed, treated for disease and from running wild in the streets is noble and should be congratulated. But, having said that cats are a better choice of pet.

Cats require less moment to moment care than dogs. They need not be walked to relieve themselves, being smaller they need not be exercised out of doors and when upset or excited they need not be quieted so as not to anger the neighbors. Cats are capable, when brought up in a home that sees to there needs and gives them attention and love, of being as responsive to affection as dogs, as able to obey a simple command and as loyal as any dog. Some breeds of cat, namely the Maine Coon, are thought to have an intellect that rivals that of a three year old human child. This makes the Maine Coon easily trainable and highly responsive to it’s “parents”.

Many pets, of either species, shed their coats. There is cleaning needed of the home that either one is kept in and there isn’t any way of escaping the fact. But, cats will use a litter box instinctively. New born cats, once made aware of the existence of a litter box are drawn to it without any further training being needed. Litter boxes can be cleaned as often as a pet parent feels it is warranted. Cats do not, as a rule, need to go outside to leave behind waste that some person’s child can step in should the dog’s parent not clean up the mess. Dogs need to bathed. They don’t really do a very good job of handling this task for themselves. Cats are experts at the handling this job for themselves or in the case of two or more aiding one another with the task. While this is a concern in the area of the dreaded “hairball”, it is more manageable than is a medium size dog’s “accident” on the carpet.

Cats have very sharp claws which they enjoy sharpening and on occasion they do so on your furniture. While that is true given a bit of teaching and the right scratching posts the furniture is usually very safe. Dogs, being larger can often find space in the home a bit smaller than they need and often knock over the most valuable of things. They do have an instinct to chew things and having bigger and more powerful jaws can make short work of anything that they see fit to devour. Dogs, some of your larger varieties, will slobber or drool quite a good bit and that’s just the way they are made. Cats just don’t have this as one of their problems.

All dogs and all cats deserve the love, affection and caring of decent parents. They deserve ethical treatment at the hands of all humans. There is really no better pet than the one you love and care so very much for that you have made them a part of your family. What preceded this is an opinion and nothing more. Take good care of any pet your keep in your home. They deserve nothing less at your hands.

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