Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 33

The “better” pet is the one who most closely conforms to what people want from their pet. Since most people want to have a close, affectionate bond with their pet, the cat is clearly the better choice.

Because cats can be spoiled.

When dogs are spoiled, they become either bossy or insecure. One of the reasons dogs respond to trained professionals and not their owner during behavior issues is that the trainer is capable of the strong assurance that dogs need. It is the dog’s own gift and curse that they so successfully convey their adoration. People adore their dogs. They can’t stand to be firm with that pleading face. So they don’t. Unfortunately, dogs living with people need their people to show leadership, and people who get a dog so they can adore them tend not to be the people who can combine that with leadership.

Cats don’t want leadership. They don’t respond to any kind of coercion. We discipline cats with thought and love. Cats are structured to behave better, enjoy better health, and pay more attention to us when treated with adoration.

For the pet lover, there is no better choice.

Cats will actually obey us. But it has to be their choice. The only way they will do so is because we asked them to. The more we love them, the more they will do things because we asked them to.

Cats absolutely bloom on love. They become ridiculously affectionate, amusingly interactive, and exquisitely sensitive to our moods. They will come to us when we are down and offer comfort. They will be interested in our latest triumph. They will join in the search for the car keys and the arrangement of the new spice rack. They will love their time by our side.

That is the cat, in love.

When we do things because they asked us to, we reap two great benefits. One is the ease of training when we go ahead and let the cat train us, because then it will be done right. The cat does know more about how to please them than we do. We are avoiding the burden of trying to figure out what the cat wants. We can let the cat tell us.

The other great benefit is that we now have a pet we can adore and fuss over and spoil, and it will not be bad for our relationship. It will improve the relationship. We can adore them and it works for us!

People don’t consider cats because they think cats are not affectionate. Or they think only some cats are affectionate, and of course they would get one who is not. When people find out how loving cats can be, that will turn a cat owner

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