Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 32

Upon deciding to bring a pet into the family, a lot of research needs to be done to determine what sort of pet is best suited for your family. In addition, once the family decides on which pet to adopt, then breed must be considered. Most households start their pet debate with the choice of either a cat or a dog, although there are many other choices of household pets.

Not all households are suitable for all pets. A lot of thought needs to go into the decision to become a pet owner. It has been said that a person owns a dog, but a cat owns the person. The differences between dog ownership and cat ownership are numerous. The choice of pets is a personal choice for each family based on lifestyle, family components and the desire of the members of the household. Apparently, more people prefer dogs over cats as pets. The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association estimates that approximately 44.8 million homes have dogs for pets, while only 38.4 million households own cats. It should be noted that out of those cat owners, many own multiple cats, so technically more cats are owned as pets than dogs.

If your lifestyle is hectic with long work hours and many activities outside the home, then your household is not really the best situation for a canine. Dogs need a lot of attention. They require a lot of social interaction, and they have to be walked and let out to relieve themselves. Dogs get lonely and will act out behaviorally if left alone for long periods of time. Boredom leads to barking and destructive chewing,

Dogs need an outdoor area available to them so they can run and get some exercise; however, no dog should ever be chained or tied outside for a long period of time. If the only option for being a dog owner is to leave the animal outside chained with interaction from the family only when giving food and water, then your home is not suited for a dog.

There are many breeds of dogs and not all breeds are good choices for all families. Some breeds of dogs do not adapt well to children, so if there are children in the home, a lot of research should be done to find the breeds that are suitable around youngsters. Some breeds are more active than others, so if the family is an older couple, then a calmer, less active breed of dog would be a better choice. If the family home is a small apartment, then a large breed dog is not the best option, and a toy or miniature breed should be considered. A family who lives in a large home

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