Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 30

When choosing a pet, the most important thing is to choose a pet that fits your lifestyle because some people have time for a cat but not a dog. A dog is supposed to be a man’s best friend which means they spend a lot of time being with their owner or a lot of time wanting to be with their owner. Which makes a better pet for you?

Running around and playing with the ball you throw, your dog looks at you with puppy eyes begging you to throw it again! Aww so cute! He sits there and waits as you do something and tries to get your attention. Wait a minute, he actually wants your attention? What for?

He loves you and he shows it by playing with you, running around, playing fetch, sleeping under your feet and so many more things. As a dog, they seem to have “oh such a hard life” and they’re loving creatures! I’m not saying cats aren’t loving creatures but how can you not think dogs are more fun!

Sure, they pee on your carpet, are harder to potty train and can be quite loud at times but they make up for it by snuggling with you in bed and begging you for food. Dancing, jumping, digging are all things that dogs do. They’re so cute and so much fun.

Sure, cats like to sleep all day and are easy to take care of but what if you want to cuddle with a cat? Some cats are ok with cuddling if they’re used to it. Most if not all dogs love you like you’re their best friend and they make it look like they can’t live without you. Well, of course they can’t without you feeding them but after they eat they almost have this hint of a smile on their face like they’re so happy to be fed. Cats just sit there and lick their paws and walk off to find their sleeping spot.

Cats aren’t what some people want, not because they’re bad animals but because some people are allergic to cats, that’s another reason a dog is a better pet for me than a cat. Our dogs are our best friends. They learn new things everyday and make it so rewarding when they are so happy. Loving your pet is nothing like anything else in the world. I wouldn’t trade my dogs for a cat….

I would trade a cat for a dog any day! Swimming in the pool or the lake with your dog is fun especially watching him dog paddle, running on the beach without a leash knowing he’ll run side by side. Those are the kinds of things that you want to be able to do with your pet but would a cat do that? I don’t know.. but I know most dogs would.

Just my opinion, dogs ARE for sure better pets for us than cats.

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