Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 3

Are we talking about a better pet, or a better companion? Because when it all comes down to it, as a pet, cats are much easier to take care of, as we all know. As a pet, the dog is very needy and requires a lot of attention to make sure they don’t get bored inside the house, they get enough attention from people to stay friendly, and there’s always the time you use taking them outside to go to the bathroom. So, as a pet, yes, cats are much better pets because you can ignore them for months and come back and love them just the same as if it were yesterday.

As companions, though, it’s an entirely different question. That’s like asking everyone what kind of man/woman they prefer. It’s going to range from independent to needy, just like with cats and dogs. It is all relative to the pet owner’s personality. That is the very reason we still debate over it. Because we are all different, and can’t seem to understand opinions that are different from our own.

Some people don’t like either the cat or the dog. They prefer reptiles, spiders, etc. Those people aren’t strange, they just have a personality that doesn’t match well with the demands of a dog or the distance of a cat. It’s actually quite interesting to view the differences in people with pets other than cats or dogs, as they tend to be vastly different from those with more conventional pets.

Any way you go, cat, dog, or otherwise, our pets are a representation of our needs. If you like a high maintenance pet, you are probably looking for a high maintenance mate, or you are a very active hobbyist that likes a lot of challenge. Pets fill a need that we may not be able to get from friends, family or loved ones. Furthermore, they are an important necessity in our society, which makes them all about equally as good as one another.

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