Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 29

To determine whether a dog or a cat makes a better pet you need to weigh up the benefits and costs of having a pet. Personally I believe that a cat makes a better pet and I will present this point of view in this article.

First up you need to look at what care the pet you choose requires. A dog needs to be regularly walked or ran or it needs a large back yard to run around in. There is a general trend these days towards people being less active, walking less and therefore not walking with their dog which is important to the dog’s health. On the other hand a cat doesn’t need to be walked, they naturally get the exercise they need chasing birds and controlling their territory. A cat requires less attention than a dog.

Cats and dogs both need somewhere to sleep. Cats will generally sleep where required; dogs however usually need a kennel. Cats require little food compared to dogs and are clever enough to find their own water.

It is much easier for a cat to find shelter and to provide shelter for a cat. For a dog, sufficient shade is required if you live in a hot climate and cool water needs to be available for the dog. Cats can clean themselves, whereas dogs require baths. Cats will also conveniently control pests like mice and insects.

Cats are less likely to attack people and if they do injuries are usually minor. Conversely dogs require fences, they often require obedience lessons and if they do attack people they can cause serious injuries. Cats will control pests like mice and insects.

Maybe some of this is a little biased, but a cat can be as much of a companion as a dog. Cats generally require less care and cost less to care for. I’m not saying don’t get a dog but if you can’t look after a pet properly then it’s not worth getting a pet.

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