Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 27

Both cats and dogs are wonderful loyal animals to have as pets. I think you can be a dog and a cat person but maybe just a little partial to one or the other. I personally love all animals, but cats to me are easier! My lifestyle and living in an apartment, makes it hard to provide a dog with the necessary attention. Cats need love and attention, but don’t have to walked, can manage with a cat box, and food and water for the day. If I am away from home for hours I don’t have to worry about poor fido, home alone, and needing to be walked.

Some people think cats are too independent, and somehow turned off by that. I think it is a misconception, as my cat is waiting at the door, when he hears my car pull in. Mr. Chang, my cat loves to get up on my husband’s lap at night and relax.

Cats like dogs will take to one person more than another. If your pet doesn’t favor you and that is what you want, maybe an addition to your pet family is what you need.

I think Cats are superb pets, with just as much personality as a dog. Each cat I have ever had was unique and very different from the other.

Miss Muffin we had for 14 years out of her 18 and was always compared to a spinster lady. She was reserved, never a mean streak, but had no use for another cat as a friend or companion. She would totally just ignore the other cat in the house.

A cat like a dog has to recognized that they have a distinct personality of their own, but more subtle than a dog.

Enjoy your pet whether it a cat or dog, they are dependent on you for love and attention. Like children, our pets need attention and love to flourish and be happy.

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