Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 26

A better pet is for each individual to decide. I say cats for many reason. One, is a cat is easily trained, and you need not worry about taking them out in the snow. This alone makes you feel less anxious, and ready to curl up with your putty cat. When you have a dog you have to take them outside many times a day, rain or shine.

Believe me I have a daughter who has 4 dogs, and takes them out, and never complains, but for me making sure my putty cats, have plenty of food and water, and fresh cat litter, this helps me know my decision is for the cats.

I also love how they purr and purr, and nudge you to pet them, and curl up beside you. Cats also have this keen sense that knows if your sick, and then they want to lay beside you. This does have a comforting effect, and makes the owner know why they chose a cat.

They don’t seem to eat as much as a dogs, so having a cat is more economical in my book.

Deciding which pet is better starts from the heart. A persons heart knows from little on which they fancy too. Cats make me feel playful, and curious. I feel cats can heal your mind if your stressed about something. I feel their a better pet for being a owner’s companion, especially when you have a headache. I feel just by them laying on you , it relieves tension, therefore relieving a headache. I have proof of this, at least by my personal experience.

If you decide on a second cat, I feel this makes for twice the fun. Cats seem to buddy up faster than dogs, in my opinion. One cat,two cat, still don’t have to take then outside. You may only need to buy an extra cheap litter box.

Cats are usually clean animals. They lick themselves clean daily. You may need to brush them, however they seem easier to brush.

You don’t have to give a cat a bath, which is in the favor of the cat.

Which is better, I say 100% a cat is, there cute, there, fun to play with, usually children love them, they lay by you when your sick,they become your best furry friend ever. Cats are better from the moment you first see your first kitten, probably first seen as a young child. This help your mind already prepare itself for the answer soon to come. If your heart bonded with a cat from an early age on, you will probably want a cat when your older someday.

When I was very young, I was holding a kitten , my sister was holding a kitten too, and we were still in diapers. As I grew older I would stay all night at my grandfathers house, and play with all his farm cat. He was shocked when he seen I had tamed all of his not so tame farm cats with a spool of thread. My point is, I Learned to love cats at a early age, and now I have 4 cats. They are fluffy, adorable, fun to spend time with, and a pet I definitely want to grow old with.

Putty cats rule!

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