Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 25

Which make for a better pet? A dog or a cat? Well, n my own opinion a dog is a lot better pet. I should know since I owned both dogs and cats. Cats are ok but dogs are a lot cooler. Ther is a lot you can do with a dog that you can’t do with a cat.

A child can learn more responsibilities with a dog, like making sure they are feeding the dog taking him or her for a walk amd making sure they clean up after it. Plus, on the bright side the child can have a dog as a buddy to play with, if they don’t have any siblings to play with. They could play fetch or just to run around the yard chasing each other. In which the running will be good exercise for the both.

A dog is also a better pet for someone is disabled. They can lead the blind and they bring joy to those who has depression. They make better company then a cat. A cat won’t stay by your side like a dog will.

The police even uses a dog on their task forces not a cat. That’s why the say a dog is a “watch dog.” You don’t here them saying “watch cat.” The only thing a cat is good at watching is mice and other rodents.

You even can train a dog to guard your own home. So, in my own opinion a dog does protects his or her master. Even a good dog will save someone else. Take me for example, I was out walking in the woods with my friend and her friend’s dog, we where about twelve years old at the time. The dog was a German Shepperd. We were going up a steep hill, they were ahead of me, because I was having trouble keeping my footing. I took a step and slipped. I started falling backwards so I of course left out a scream. The dog ran back and grabbed my coat sleeve with his teeth and pulled me to a stop. That dog stayed with me until we got to the top. That day was the first time that I met the him and so he didn’t even know me but he still helped me from falling off that rocky slope

Cats I guess are alright if you just what a pet for pleasure but a dog is alot better for us younger ones and the ones that want to have some sort of protection. Alarms and stuff is ok too but having a good guard dog will help wonders too, expecilly if your out walking alone at night. Or, in my case even durning the day.

But, for me I would rather have a dog, because you can play with them, you teach them tricks, of course you can train them them to protect you and plus, they come to you when you call for them.

Also, you can give a dog a name and they will come to you at that name. Yes, you can name a cat but they don’t know there name. You can say hear kitty, kitty and when they what to they will come to you. Every time I owned a dog they always came to me when I called them but when I did own a cat, depending on their mood they will or will not come when called.

So, really when it comes in choosing a pet, its up to you to decide if you what a cat or dog. But, like I will always say, a dog wll in in the long run be a better pet and companion to you than a cat will. So, think about it and make the best decision on your family bases. Because, whatever you chose you have the responsibly to take care of that pet.

Plus, if you live alone and really can’t take care of a dog, in that case a cat would be better. But, a dog would be a better protector but they take a little more work then a cat. So, really think about it before you decide on a cat or a dog.

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