Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 23

When deciding whether a dog or a cat makes the best pet you first need to decide what you as a pet owner are looking for. If you simply want some company, but aren’t too keen on three mile hikes across the woodland then the chances are a cat is the pet for you.

A cat is a low maintenance pet, they dictate the terms and conditions of the relationship, they will play with a toy to appease you and allow you to stroke them but as soon as they’ve had enough they don’t think twice about digging their claws in. Cats don’t care who feeds them so long as someone does and so long as you are happy to accept that then a cat can be the perfect pet.

However, if your idea of a pet is a creature which will love you then a dog is the best pet for you. A dog will play with you because its fun, they will sit with you because they enjoy it, they will do as you tell them because they love you. Whenever I’m feeling sad the dog is the first to come over to me wagging his tail and putting his paw on my knee. A dog will also race to the door when you come home wagging its tail, really genuinely pleased to see you. A cat on the other hand will come to see if you have brought food and if you haven’t will turn its back on you and go back to sleep. If you try to leave the house without a dog it will immediately jump up as if to say “Where are you going? Can I come? Will there be biscuits?”

As a rule a cat doesn’t love you, in fact the majority of them look at you with contempt, because really they want to be out hunting and you’ve put a stop to that by sticking a bell round their neck and calling them Blossom. A cat is very nearly a wild animal; in reality a cat owner should be re-named a cat captor.

A dog gives you unconditional love; they are completely dependant and thoroughly enjoy living with you. You can’t leave them while you go on holiday with a neighbor popping in every so often to put some cat food down and throwing them out for a bit. A dog takes one hundred per cent commitment from an owner; it’s a bit like having a really hairy, smelly baby (which is probably why a lot of people prefer cats).

For me a pet is something that you love and will give you love back. I’ve been brought up as a dog lover, and as much as I’m not looking forward to taking the dog out in the rain I will still do it, because that is what I understand is needed from me as a dog owner. For me a dog is the perfect pet, but only because I have the time and the inclination to care for him properly. Maybe if my lifestyle was different I would have a cat as a pet but given a choice I would always choose a dog.

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