Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 2

I am an animal lover and I have kept both dogs and cats as pets. In my experience dogs are much better pets. Cats are cleaner, much more independent and require less maintenance, but they do not provide affection and sense of companionship that dogs provide their human owners. Cats are more dexterous than dogs and are more stand-offish. But dogs are more faithful, have more social skills and therefore more civilized.

Historically cats hunted their food alone. Dogs descend from wolves who have always hunted in packs. This makes sense because cats hunt mice and smaller prey; wolves hunt much larger prey which can feed the entire pack. Cats might be smarter – they make you work for them and give very little in return. They are selfish and can be nasty. Dogs are capable of selfless love and are so faithful. I have a theory…. dogs were domesticated by pre-historic man and became hunting companions as well as faithful guards. They respond to authority and train easily. Cats have chosen to get domesticated for the free board and lodging that we humans can provide them. They are manipulative and do not respond well to authority. The only good thing about cats is that they are clean, groom themselves and bury their poop. Dogs are clueless in the personal hygiene area.

Dogs are able to anticipate and even steer human beings as guide animals, something I am sure that cats can not do. Cats are not socially interactive with human beings. Dogs are always socially active, they keep looking at us, trying to read our body language to get leads on what is happening and they need our approval. They are the perfect pet.

Cats will sometimes try to be a part of the family – like bring you a gift of a freshly killed bird or mouse. They do not realize that this is not acceptable to us human beings because they are socially inept. However, one can not train a cat to be a blind man’s companion. I have never seen a cat rescue people when there is a disaster. They flee and desert you at the first hint of trouble. Dogs will be gentle and help blind men, and stand right next to you in times of trouble. They are loyal, faithful and if some one attacks, they will protect you with their lives.

Dogs also are much more social, and while cats can be, there are more friendly dogs then friendly cats. I think that overall, while cats are good pets, that I would like to end on this note:

Dogs are much better pets than cats!

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