Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 18

The debate of which makes a better pet a dog or a cat is an ongoing debate. The better pet is according to the person and the reason or need for the pet. Either pet can be considered the better pet depending on a number of factors.

A cat may be a better pet if you wish to rid your home of mice or if you are looking for a pet that does not require much attention. A cat has an attitude in which I hate that I call a “cat a tude”. The “cat a tude” is simply an attitude that I need food,water, and a clean litter box with an occasional petting other than that mind your own business and leave me alone. Cats generally do not feel they have to have an owner to survive. They are generally considered to be loyalty challenged for this attitude, or showing no loyalty for the care you give them. Cats are also not as easy to train to listen and obey the owner. Cats do not make very good show animals and are not much fun to take on walks or teach tricks. Cats have low tolerance of anything they feel is threatening their space so they do not make very good animals for small children. Cats are animals to get if you have a purpose in mind mice,simple to care for,etc and are otherwise not very helpful.

A dog on the other hand makes a wonderful loyal friend. If you feed and take good care of this pet he/she would lay down their life for you, their owner. A dog requires much more human attention to stay happy and content. They can make it on their own but they had much rather spend their time in the company of a loving companion. Dogs are playful and many breeds make wonderful pets for small children. Dogs are more difficult to house break than a cat but they are much more easily trained to listen and obey what you say.Dogs make wonderful show animals and love to learn new tricks. A dog does not have an attitude that they do not need you. They not only need you but they love you! If you have a companion and not just a purpose for a pet in mind a dog is a much wiser decision than a cat.

The type of pet that is the “better” pet depends on many factors as you can see. Depending upon how much time and energy you want to invest in the pet is a major factor. Dogs require more care and attention than a cat but in return they obey and are loyal where as a cat has the “cat a tude” pet me, feed me, then get the crap away from me cause I can do anything else I need done. My experience has taught me that in most cases a dog is the better choice of a pet. That of course is just my opinion as a person who desires a little respect from my pet!

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