Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 17

In the United States and Britain Cats are more popular than dogs as pets. In the United States 88.3 million people own cats and 74.8 million people own dogs. (www.askyahoo.com) Similarly, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in 2002, 7.5 million cats were pets in England as compared with 6.5 million dogs. So in the United Kingdom which has around 50 million plus people, cats are also more popular pets. These statistics reflect owner preference regardless of the geographical size of the country as both Britain and the United States have more cat owners. While both pets can be adorable and lovable companions, Cats are demonstrably the better pet for several additional reasons besides the demographic ownership patterns.


Cats have more advantages for pet owners than dogs because they have more ‘pet assets’. Pet assets are the qualities and benefits that come with pet ownership. While owners don’t necessarily look for these things when choosing a pet, they may be considered for practical reasons. For example, cuddly and fury is an asset many dogs and cats share but cats have more of these than dogs. The following list demonstrates this:

*Cats live longer than dogs (6 cat years per human year)

*Cat bi-product size is smaller making cats easier to handle.

*Cats aren’t loud like barking dogs and rarely wake up the whole neighborhood.

*The variation in cat personality is more diverse allowing for more appeal to more types of people.

*Independence tends to make many cats low maintenance friends while on trips or traveling.

*Cats are accepted in some apartments where dogs are not.

*Food expenses for cats are often lower unless it’s a small dog.


While Dogs are friendly, protective and understand hierarchy well, they don’t have as many functions as they used to. Today electronic alarms ward off thieves and predators, and humans don’t hunt as much and go to the grocery store instead. Dogs are challenged by the changing human environment more than Cats because cats have greater adaptability in the modern world. For example, while cats and dogs are both favored pets among pet owners, cats can be accommodated in cities and urban centers far more easily than dogs, especially the big kind. What’s more cats on the farm are useful because they can eat mice and chase away vermin so they still pull their weight outside the city as well.

*Only used for hunting on a limited basis

*More expensive to feed than cats if larger breeds are owned

*Larger and smaller Dogs are less adaptable to city dwellings

*Dogs desire more attention than Cats

*Canine’s can’t jump as high and usually sleep at night

Both cats and dogs are great pets, but Cats are clearly the better pet for several reasons. Cats have more advantages than dogs and dogs have more disadvantages than cats. Cats are also better pets than dogs because of the very fact more pet owners favor cats over dogs. While Dogs remain fabulous pets to many pet owners, cats have the advantage that dogs don’t. Dogs may have had the historical advantage over cats in more ancient civilizations, but the tide is turning for dogs and they are dogs are losing ground to their friends the cat. For dogs the challenge for pet dominance is forthcoming if not present, but for cats, the apex of ‘petdom’ is on the horizon.

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