Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 16

You cannot compare cats with dogs when it comes to making the better pet. Cats are wishy-washy, attitudinal, affectionate only when it suits them, standoffish, and snooty. Cats may be smart, but they tend to keep it to themselves. You can love them to pieces, but most of them are selfish little individuals.

Dogs, on the other hand, are wonderful friends who will lay down their life for you. We have been blessed to have some really great ones in my lifetime. One, the pit bull I never wanted, surely saved our lives when a boiling pot was left on the stove and she alerted us that it had started smoking, the contents (baby bottle tops) burning. When I was a child and times were not, shall I say ‘happy’, my beautiful tiger-striped mutt seemed to know whenever I was feeling sad or depressed. She would curl up with me and rest her head on me. Her eyes were all I needed to see to know she understood. They guarded us when we went out to play. I had a little miniature collie who once alerted us to the fact that a neighbor’s toddler had fallen into a shallow creek behind our house. We currently have a large Roti who is so affectionate, she hugs me everyday.

No, I cannot see anyone picking a cat over a dog. There are dogs in every size to fit everyone’s likes and lifestyle. They all have different personalities. They may cost a little more to keep, but are well worth the expense. Dogs are family members and you truly become THEIR people.

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