Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 14

Just not a normal cat,Maxwell was Family.

I have had Dogs in my childhood years growing up in Washington state. They where unruly,always barking at all ours of the night or trying to break the dog chain and run with other dogs. Sometimes they kills the chickens we had on the farm and dig holes everywhere. Dogs add stress to Family’s and get people into a yelling mood.

Never thought of having a cat until one day in 1985,a neighbor in the apartments I lived in, was trying to kill the runt of a litter of 12 kittens. I told this man to give the cat to me and brought him back home. The first six months of taking care of this cat was very hard because of the abuse this man had caused. He lost the hair off his Tail and hide in the closet and eat some times.

A Television program was on called ” Get Smart” and this cat came out and started watching The Television one day. I had looked at Him and said ” Hey Maxwell” and this cat turned and looked at me like it had been his name all the long.Him and I had a bond after that and to me he was not just a cat in peoples eyes, Maxwell was Family and he knew it. I never had to spank him like people do there dogs. I told him do not get on the Table or counters and for 18 years before his passing, he never did. I could leave the front door open and say “stay inside please” and he would. I always see people yelling at there dogs to stop barking and doing dumb things. I think its how you go about treating the pet cat or dog as speaking in life. People think Cats are dumb and lazy, but its them who see there own reflections in life. Cats are very smart and know between good and bad people in life.

I will always miss Maxwell,and keep his memory alive. 1985 – 2004

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