Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 13

I prefer a cat for a pet. They generally are cleaner, and don’t need to be walked. I don’t think they are too independent, as usually pet cats crave affection. They love to be fed, pet, and played with. Give them a catnip ball or catnip mouse, and most will entertain themselves to their owner’s delight. They love you to scratch behind their ears just as a dog does usually.

Cats don’t have to cost as much as a dog because you don’t need a groomer for them, and if they truly are house cats, they can get by without many of the veterinarian shots that are necessary for animals that go outside regularly.

Most love the company of their owners, and walk up to them when they arrive home and “meow” at them. They’re very affectionate and entertaining. I can watch one using a scratching post and never get bored. This is a necessity if you don’t want other things to get clawed. Vets will declaw them if you do have one that has a problem with clawing. I had two cats at a time for about twenty years, but other times had a cat and a dog. I found that as long as there was a scratching post present, the cats did no damage, and the dogs took more time to take care of.

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