Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat? – Part 1


Coffee or tea, Democrats vs. Republicans, cats or dogs; what do these arguments have in common? When it comes to deciding which is better, it’s all a matter of opinion and lifestyle. Though the majority may win, they generally are not correct. For instance, when it comes to deciding the better pet, cat or a dog, most Americans will side with the dog. That’s because there are more dog owners than cat owners in the United States, however, there are more cats as pets than dogs. I guess that makes cat owners akin to polygamists.

But when you think of the duties and purposes of a pet, then the cat is obviously superior at it than a dog. Not to say dogs aren’t great pets, but they are not the “better” choice. A pet is a companion but not to the point of a mate or friend or a member of the family. It doesn’t have a say which shade of white to paint the bedroom or what you eat for dinner or who you go out with. And if it does, then it’s not a pet – it’s your mother’s private detective.

I think of a pet as an organic decoration. It’s there when you need it, out of sight when you don’t. Dogs can’t do that. They require a lot of maintenance. Just the attention factor alone could be a full time job. How appealing is a panting, hyper, clumsy animal stalking your every move? You have to hide in your home to eat your snacks, bolt lock your trash and casually laugh as they sniff your guest’s crotch.

Cats on the other hand, could care less if you don’t come home for a week. And when you finally do, they prance to the front door, purring, weaving between your steps and have you genuinely feeling it’s happy to see you. In truth they just want to be fed, but who cares? I smile back when a baby smiles at me, even though I know its gas, same thing. And cats know the people who don’t like them. They single them out and work on them like a piece of clay. They make the cat-hater their best friend by the end of the evening. Every First Lady should take a lesson from a cat.

And who am I to argue about cats and dogs as pets? Well, I’ve had both as pets; separately and in combination, with a parakeet and finally with a baby. I admit, I am partial to dogs, but cats really are the true pet. And dare I say, they are the more intelligent being, in most cases even more than their owner. If you need real proof, play a trick on them; a cat will have you rolling on the floor, holding your guts wishing you had the camcorder, whereas dogs will give you just a perpetual smile and they’ll repeat it live numerous times for your guests. Besides, they’re always doing goofy stuff.

As a final word, and perhaps a good one in favor of the dog, dogs work too hard to just be a pet. Dogs, double as a security guard, a guide to lead the blind, heck – they even do police work. The greatest task I’ve seen a cat do is piss and crap in the toilet. Cats like to be petted and there you have it. They are the better pet. Dogs? Well, I guess they are “man’s best friend.”

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