Which makes a better pet: A dog or a cat?

Comparing dogs and cats as pets, cats are better pets for many reasons;

Cats are more independent creatures than dogs will ever be. You can leave the house for a whole weekend without having to worry about your furry cat because, the cat litter is there for your little one to do his physiological needs, as opposed to a dog which you could never leave unattended for a whole weekend… not even for a full day. Dogs need to be taken out for their necessities and some dogs throw a tantrum should you leave them alone for a couple of hours, I had a female chow-chow that would always go to mischief it left alone. Spreading the trash can contents was one of her ways of saying: “Don’t leave me alone.”

Cats don’t droll, I’ve had some dogs that would droll every time they get in motion. Cats don’t droll at all.

Cats are less expensive as a pet. At least once a month you have to bathe your dog, if it is a big dog or you live in an apartment complex you will definitely have to take him to the pet grooming salon, and we all know how much such trips cost. Should you not give your dog a bath at least once a month the smell is unbearable. Cats are always clean, they smell good and it does not cost you a dime.

When its raining and you inevitably have to take the dog for a walk, their hair smells horrible once its wet by rain, so you end up having a miserable dog laying in the corner of the house that nobody wants to pet because of its smell. That never happens with cats.

Cats eat less, much less than a dog, therefore you are also saving in this area.

Puppies are very cute, but most families don’t give a second look to their older dog, somehow people lose esteem for their pup when he no longer is a pup.

That does not happen with cats. Cats are always adorable, and fun to watch, their movements are like those of a ballet dancer, and they incite you to pet them and play them at all ages, which it does not happen with mature dogs.

The purr of a cat is priceless, it better than a Valium, the moment the cat crawls into your bed with you at night, gets comfy around your shoulder and you hear that purr, you are off to dream land immediately. I have had some dogs that snore much worse than your old aunt who suffers from sinus.

Overall, cats are much more fun and better pets than dogs. Of course if your thing is having a pet to go walk or run at the beach, then for you, by all means, the pet of choice would be a dog. But besides that requirement, cats make better pets by far than dogs will ever be.

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