Which dog breed makes the best pet? – Part 1

The best dog breed to make the best pet depends much upon the type of pet the owner is wanting. There are large and small breed dogs. Many people choose a small breed for living inside the home while many choose larger dogs to live outside to guard the home. This does not always hold true but many times it is so. There are numerous breeds of dogs. Some parents seek a dog with a good track record with children such as Labs, St. Bernard’s, or Huskies for a great playmate and protection, or smaller breeds such as Beagles, Chihuahuas, or Pomeranian to better match your child’s size.

The things that most need to be considered when choosing a dog for your family is to decide what kind of time you are going to have to properly care for your new pet. If you have a busy schedule and your child is not old enough to walk the dog alone you will want a smaller dog so that as much exercise is not required. You will always want to make sure to have the time to play with your pet and show it how much you care and love it. This is very important to forming the pet owner bond that can last a lifetime with your pet. Now back to the breed that makes the best pet.

I have had wonderful luck throughout my life with Hounds (red bones, beagles, etc). I know they say these dogs are made to hunt but these dogs are very under estimated for their loyalty as a pet. I have had my share of these dogs with each being nothing more than a big pet and I enjoyed every minute of it just as they did. They are very playful pets and can offer a child many hours of tiring enjoyment. If your child grows up with these dogs chances are they will never be irritable to your child but may in their old age appear to be with children they do not recognize or know.

I have also been taught that a Husky can be the most loving and protective pet around. The dog did not even belong to me but I as a child took right up with Yogi. He loved me and I also did him. We had many fun hours of running and playing in my front yard. He also had no problem of warning strangers that I was not to be messed with. He was a great friend and protector and I was so sad the day my neighbor moved and took Yogi with him.

Chows have a bad name with children but I am here to tell you that as a small child a chow probably saved my life. My grandma and grandpa had all kinds of dogs and they often went North each year and needed someone to care for their plants and pets while they were away. I being anxious to make a few

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