Which dog breed makes the best pet?

Why I Chose a Pure Breed Navajo Dog as a Pet

Let me tell you something of the Navajo Dogs from a reservation here in NE Arizona. And why I chose the “Navajo Dog” as a personal pet for almost anyone.

As I said , “Navajo Dog” is considered by the Navajo as a mutt, rather than a pet. Dogs on the Navajo Indian Reservation are not considered much more than trash out here. It is in the Navajo belief that one does not spend money on a dog most only buy them dog food while others feed their dogs only scraps from the family table, if there is any leftovers.

As the puppies grow older females are often dumped at the local grocery store to starve or grow up “begging” food from a passer-by that may or may not feed them. There is an organization that does care for the” strays” and try to rescue as many as possible for new homes.

At present there are two ‘mommies to be” at the grocery store. One I have seen near a friend’s home; I also know that he and his neighbors feed the strays as well.

People who have an honest and true love for life and animals choose these dogs are blessed. The dogs play with the children, accompany grandma or grandpa to herd the sheep or goats. Some go to the mountains to help herd the cows in the summer.

If a pup is to grow up to herd sheep, they live in the sheep pen. On occasion the sheep ewes will adopt them. They are fed dog food and scraps from the family table. The dogs that watch over the sheep, goats and cows are the ones who seem to live long and healthy.

These owners are the ones who have them vaccinated, on a yearly basis. These dogs are also blessed with a warm dry place to sleep during the winter months when there is snow or rain. They are taught by the two-leg folks how to watch over the herd and keep it safe. These dogs have value because when the sheep, goats, or cows are sold it is income for the family, and the Navajo Dogs

have kept the income safe until ready for market for many generations.

The breeding of the “Navajo Dog” comes from a long line of tourist who has visited with their pets over the years. Other times pets are brought back from the city and kept until they get old enough to breed, then are dropped off where ever to survive on their own. Some use the term “being thrown away” .

A family on the rim of Canyon De Chelley has Navajo Dogs, and jokingly calls them “pure bread Navajo Dogs”. People often go to their home in hopes to find them with puppies. They do not sell

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