What your dog will need while youre away

Safety, food, water, companionship. These are the main categories that your dog will need while your away.

Safety is the number one issue while you are away. Every time I travel, I am always concerned about my dogs. Especially my outside dogs. I have found it least expensive to ask a friend or a neighbor to care for my dog while I am out of town. My dogs have a fenced in yard. When I was constructing the fence, the number one issue was about safety for my pets. All of my pets. Dogs are territorial and need to protect. If your dogs area is safe while you are present then the area will be safe while you are away. Not always true. That is why I ask a neighbor to periodically check on my dog. They can do this by listening and looking without leaving their yard.

Food and water are extremely important also. A dog can live a while without food, because they are natural hunters. Water must be readily available at all times. Your neighbor should know this, however, I always ask the neighbor to come over and do a walk through with me the day before I go out of town.

Companionship. My dogs have constant companionship either with myself or with each other. My neighbor also gives them companionship while I am present. My dogs trust my neighbor because there is companionship throughout the time that I am at home and when I have to travel.

Give your neighbor a list of all information related to each dog. I include a picture beside the dogs names and any special instructions for each dog. I also include the phone numbers to 3 vets and every contact phone number for me, including email.

My neighbor will also email or call me when I am out of town to let me know that everyone is doing fine.

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