What you should know about declawing your cat – Part 1

A cat has claws for a very good reason, they are the cat’s only defense. It is cruel and in-humane to even consider de-clawing a cat. Not all cats cause extensive damage by clawing furniture, it rather depends on what facilities you, as a responsible owner, can offer your cat to relieve the need to sharpen their claws. I have had cats all my life and very few of them have caused serious damage to my belongings. A firm word and an alternative place to scratch usually does the job. I have never had a problem in stopping a cat from clawing furniture with a persistent and consistent approach.

There are certain environments that are not conducive to keeping a cat. I would never consider a cat as a pet in a small apartment without outside access for instance. A cat needs to be able to go out doors and to be able to move freely in and out of your home. They need trees to climb, birds to chase and a warm sunny spot to just laze about in. I would suspect that most confirmed ‘clawers’ of furniture and fittings would be bored cats that don’t have the opportunity to exhibit normal cat behaviour.

Since I consider a pet as much a part of the family unit as the human members, I can’t help wondering if your small child was in the habit of drawing on your walls, you would consider cutting his fingers off? In these supposedly enlightened times, I can not believe that people still consider the mutilation of a beautiful creature as ‘acceptable’, even more so a much loved family pet. Animals are not disposable ‘toys’ for children to play with nor fashion statements or living ornaments. They will make a mess sometimes, claw your belongings sometimes and make noise sometimes. It’s all part of having a living, breathing companion who will repay your love a million times over despite the odd inconvenience of cleaning up after them.

I am rather shocked that so many articles under this title seem to feel that de-clawing a cat is a perfectly normal thing to do. Surely if the natural behaviour of a certain type of animal is unacceptable to you, then you should not consider having them as a pet in your home? Find a more suitable pet. Maybe a hamster in a cage is a better solution or perhaps a goldfish. Neither of these would cause damage to your home and can still be great tools for teaching children the responsibility of pet ownership.

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