What you need to consider before getting a pet – Part 8

Before getting a pet, you should realistically go over all that is entailed in being a responsible pet owner and what kind of pet would be right for you.

There are many things to consider before getting a pet. The first consideration and one of the most important should be the veterinarian bills. Even after getting their shots, and having them spayed or neutered, they will still require the attention of a veterinarian at one time or another.

If you can’t or choose not to pay for the medical care that your pet will require, you may want to reconsider getting one. It is irresponsible to run out and get a pet, not being able or willing to pay for their medical needs. Pets are not toys; they are living beings and depend on us the way children depend on their parents.

Furthermore, some pets require more attention than others. Consider how much time you are able/willing to give a pet. Dogs need to be walked regularly. If you don’t have a fenced yard, you may have to take it someplace for a good run. When going out of town, you must leave a dog in the care of someone else.

There are many types of dogs from small to the whopping super-size and they all have different personalities. Of course, the bigger the dog, the more food they’ll eat and the more space they will require.

Cats are pretty much independent and don’t need to be walked. With sufficient food and water, they can be left for longer periods of time. But along with owning a cat comes a litter-box, which has to be cleaned regularly.

There are several good products on the market that are making the sandbox type litter-box a thing of the past. But some can’t abide the thought of a litter-box, especially if there’s a small child in the home.

Hamsters are popular with children and make adorable pets. However, they also come with a certain amount of responsibility. They must have an adequately sized cage with exercise equipment and nesting materials. The cage must be cleaned regularly. Children promise to take care of their pets, but oftentimes, the parent gets stuck with the job.

Birds are happy pets, singing and chirping. But their cages also have to be cleaned regularly. Cleaning up after a bird can be a constant thing. They tend to shed and scrape food out of their cage. Place a birdcage in a sunbeam and watch what happens when it shakes itself, fluffing its feathers. No doubt, you will see a cloud of tiny specs floating around in the sunbeam.

Fish are soothing to watch and aquariums make a beautiful addition to a home. But they also have to be cleaned regularly. An aquarium emits a foul smell that can linger for days if it’s not cleaned. Even a goldfish bowl, if not cleaned, can leave an awful stench in your home.

Dogs, cats, hamsters, birds and fish are the most common pets and each of them have different needs. Please consider the facts before rushing out to get a pet. Pets fill places in us that we didn’t even know were empty. Choose the pet that’s right for you. You will both be happier in the long-run.

In closing, remember that Jesus Christ was born in a stable among the animals. He was known as The Lamb of God and The Lion of Judah.

“He giveth to the beast his food, and to the young ravens which cry.” Psalms 147:9

“A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.” Prov. 12:10

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