What you need to consider before getting a pet – Part 7

What you should consider before getting a pet, can be very important. It’s not only important for you to consider why you want a pet, but would it be right for a pet to live with you. What I mean by it being right for a pet to live with you, is that a pet needs a lot of devotion and attention from his or her owner. For example, a dog needs a lot of exercise and attention. Some dogs are very high maintenance and need grooming often. What you need to consider, is that all animals have needs. They are similar to having children really. They have doctor appointments, they need to have a healthy diet, training and a lot of quality time or play time. Animals cost money, yes they do. They need food, nail trims, baths, ear cleaning, toys, a cage, a clean bed, shots, and preventatives from viruses, etc…

A few things to consider before bring a pet home would be, do you have the room for them? A lot of people buy pets and never really consider how they are going to fit into their life style or home. Lets say you bring a cat home, do you have a clean area for their food and water? Not just an area in your bathroom. What about the cat’s litter box, do you have an area away from small children? A cat litter box can become something smelly if it is not taken care of. I especially don’t recommend a cat for a pregnant woman. It is not good for their health or for your unborn baby’s health. Cats or kittens could be great fun, but are you ready for their sometimes wild behavior! They jump, climb and run around like wild at times.They also scratch and bite if your not ready for their some time bad behavior. Often times, cats are just the perfect pet for most people with out allergies. They sit and cuddle with you as a small bread dog would do. Who are we kidding, my fourty pound boxer sits and cuddles with me, even if her bottom tends to fall of the couch more than she would like. But, she continues to pull her self right back into her comfortable position.

Over all, a new pet can be a wonderful addition to your life, but be sure you are a hundred percent ready for a new responsibility. Don’t make the mistake that many have before. Buying a pet as a holiday present for their children. In most cases, the pet that was once a wonderful idea, has just found it’s self back at the pet shop or in the local animal shelter. Although it may seem like a great idea to see the wonderful smiles on Christmas morning, sometimes, it’s best to wait. Make sure the idea of a pet is more than just the idea of seeing a smile on your child’s face. There are many animals that are mistreated, homeless and abandoned each year because their owner’s thought they could take care of them. A great way to save a pets life if you are serious, is to go to a shelter and adopted a pet. They should be given a fare chance and maybe you can be the right one to give them that chance and to love them.

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