What you need to consider before getting a pet – Part 5

Many people in the world own pets. Some are dog lovers, some are cat lovers, and there are some that prefer birds or even fish. Owning a pet is a big responsibility; one that should not be taken lightly when considering getting a pet for the family. Before getting that family pet, here are some things that you should take into consideration.

First of all, if you are renting your home, you have to check with your landlord before getting a pet. Some landlords will not allow a cat or dog, but are okay with birds, fish, or another animal that has to live in a cage. Some landlords will allow any pet, as long as it lives outdoors, and other landlords are okay with an indoor pet. You do not want to get a pet for your family only to find out that you are not able to keep it.

Second, you should really take into consideration the care that the pet will require from you. A dog, for instance, needs food, water, attention, and to be walked several times a day. Not to mention, if the dog has an accident on the floor, you will have to clean it up. A cat needs food and water, but often does not want as much attention as a dog would. You don’t have to take the cat for a walk either, but you do have to buy cat litter and clean it regularly. Now, fish require very little. Yes, you have to feed them, and you have to maintain their tank, but you do not have to worry about taking the fish for a walk, or changing the fish’s litter box. In my opinion, fish are the easiest pets to have.

Third, you have to be sure that you can afford the pet. Food for a pet is not free, you have to buy it. If you want to get a dog or cat, you may also be facing vet bills to ensure the health of your pet. It would be unfair to an animal to give it a home, but not see to its needs.

Fourth, you should be sure that your home will accommodate the pet that you want. If you live in an apartment or small home, it would not be a good idea to get a St. Bernard. You do not want your family or your pet to feel overcrowded in the living space.

Sixth, if you have children, you should take into consideration how they will react towards the pet you are considering. Not all children will react favorably to having a new puppy in the house.

Seventh, you should really evaluate your schedule to determine what amount of time you are able to devote to a pet. As I said before, a dog requires being walked several times a day. If you are not home very much during the day, a dog is probably not the right pet for you. You want to be able to have a reasonable amount of time to devote to any pet you choose so that both you and the pet benefit. If it feels like having a pet is going to be more of a hassle than a reward, you should reconsider your choice.

Having a family pet can be a very rewarding experience for both the family, as well as the animal. By taking things into consideration and really evaluating the situation, you can easily determine what kind of pet is right for all of you.

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