What you need to consider before getting a pet – Part 21

Pets bring much joy into our lives. However before making a pet a part of your

family there are numerous things to consider. Are you truly ready for the

responsibility taking care of a pet entails?

They are living breathing creatures, whether dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, rodents

etc. Once you bring it home, it relies solely on you for it’s every need. Food, water

veterinarian care, etc.

Living conditions are especially important when choosing a pet. You don’t want

to purchase a rottweiler if your living in an apartment with no yard space for

running. A fish or hamster might be a better choice or a cat.

All animals require money. So you need to consider if a pet fits into your

budget. Some pets are more expensive to maintain than others. Dogs need heart-guard

advantage, shots, grooming etc. Cats need shots, cat litter, etc.

Impulse buying should definitely be avoided at all cost, for your sake as well

as the pet. That adorable bundle of fur, isn’t quite so adorable when he or she

pees the carpets, leaving surprises for you step in first thing in the mourning.

Pets are like infants. They cost money, need lots of care, time, love, and are

well worth it, for those willing to take on the challenge it has it’s rewards.

My biggest suggestion once again is do your research find out everything you can

about the pet you choose. Make a commitment to stand behind your decision once it

made. And you’ll have a rewarding experience with your new friend.

So simply put here is a step by step outline on what to do when getting a pet:

1} How much room do you have? Do you need a dog a cat or a smaller pet?

2} How much time do you have to devote to caring for your pet? If you work

fish require little attention.

3) How much money do you have on a monthly basis to invest in your pet? Even

Hamsters cost to care for.

4} Do you have patience to deal with training a pet, and tolerate their

sometimes annoying habits. Puppies chew, and do not come potty trained.

when choosing a dog as a pet much work is required.

5} Thoroughly think things through. Once you commit to your pet stay

committed. It depends on you for it’s every basic need.

Follow these steps and you will find the right pet for your family and home.

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