What you need to consider before getting a pet – Part 20

Do chirping,purring or barking sound better to you? Maybe you like the near silence of a bubbler on a fish tank or the really quiet companionship of a hermit crab. The kind of pet you choose should be linked to what sounds good to you and what really does not sound good to you. Also other things like the cost to obtain,maintain and entertain your pet. The size of the area you have available to keep your pet alive and well. The time you have to put into keeping a pet happy,and healthy also is a consideration to keep in mind as you launch out on the pet scene.

Some pets take next to nothing in preparation and can be really great for a person on the go who has little money to plow into the animal’s upkeep. These might include a goldfish in a small bowl or a guppy in a little fish bowl or large jar, or maybe a hermit crab in a tub of sand with a few shells around it to grow into in time.

Other pets take up lots of time and space. I have known people who had monkeys,large dogs,many cats, large noisy birds,horses or ponies who had to put lots of time and expense into their pets.Some pets such as horses live a long life too and can be really fun to own and interact with if you think you want that kind of long lived relationship.

But sometimes the interest in the pet doesn’t live as long as the pet and that can be a disaster especially in the case of something like a horse which takes a lot of time and money to care for and enjoy. Because I live in the country my children and several in my life have begged for a horse. Often when parents give in to the child’s begging they regret it because the interest in the horse doesn’t last as long as the horse. It takes lots of money to maintain a horse and if you aren’t going to take it out and ride it. Is it worth it? But the same on a lesser degree can be said for a dog. It is amazing to me how often parents get a dog because junior wants it and then don’t send it with junior as he grows up because he lost interest in Fido after a few months of taking care of him. Also especially in warmer parts of the country the pets that people have lost interest in are often abandoned and have created lots of problems which is another reason people should really consider what they want to have as a part of their lives and for how long before they get going with the task of bringing a pet into their home.

With a little bit of thought though a pet can add to life and make it fuller. Kids can learn responsibility by being given the opportunity to take care of another living creature. Gentleness and self control are other qualities that can be taught by having animals in the child’s world. Adults are happier and healthier with a pet in there home which is why they are now adding birds,and fish to care facilities, and hospital lobbies. There are also programs which include taking dogs and cats into care facilities to allow these elderly folks to enjoy the opportunity to see a dog’s tail wag and hear a cat purr. Animals give as much as you give to them and more so there is lots to consider when getting ready to house a pet but it is a worthy consideration.

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