What you need to consider before getting a pet – Part 19

Before becoming a pet owner, you need to consider everything involved in caring for this animal, who will now become a member of your family.

Right now, I’m not a pet owner. I live in an upstairs apartment and I really have no room for a pet.

We have had several pets, mostly dogs, during our more then 40 years of marriage. Our last pet was a dog we got from our son and his family when they moved. They couldn’t take him with them when they moved to their new residence, so we ended up taking him. He really wasn’t the right pet for us.

We lived in town and had no fenced yard to keep him in. He wasn’t properly trained so we couldn’t leave him inside our home when we weren’t there. He would totally destroy everything and anything he could get his little paws on. We kept him on a leash outside when we were gone. He was a good watch dog. Whenever anyone came near the house, he would jump and bark, but the mailman didn’t like that. He refused to deliver our mail anymore, because he was afraid the dog would get loose and come after him. We finally had to give the dog to the local animal humane society. We were just unable to care for him properly. It was a sad ending to something we shouldn’t have done in the first place. Our grandkids were very upset when we gave their pet away. They just couldn’t understand why grandma and grandpa couldn’t take care of their dog anymore.

Having a pet is like having a child. They can be cute and cuddly, but they’re also a lot of work. When they’re sick, just like a child, they need to get medical attention. When you go on vacation, you take them with you, or you find proper care for them, such as a kennel.

Many years ago we had a dog that we left in a kennel, while we went out of state for our son’s wedding. The dog got infected with a disease that was in the kennel and had to be put down. This was another sad, as well as costly dilemma for us as pet owners.

Pets need proper diets, just like humans, in order to thrive. A well balanced pet diet

can be costly too. They also need vaccination’s, a warm place to live, if they aren’t inside your home, and proper training, just like children.

If you want a pet, be prepared to add this new member to your family. Make sure you have the time and means to care for it.

A pet can be man’s best friend, or it can turn into his worst enemy, if not properly cared for.

Bunnies are cute in the pet store, but the day after Easter, when they have become family members, they may require a lot more than you bargained for.

Dogs, cats, bunnies, or any other pet, that looks so cute you can’t resist getting them, do grow into larger animals, just like babies grow into children. They need lots of TLC. Be prepared to properly care for your pets for years to come, if you decide to become a pet owner.

They become a part of your family, and require the same basic needs any family member does.

If you’re not prepared for this, it may be wise to reconsider.

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