What you need to consider before getting a pet – Part 17

Pets are an investment of the heart. They are capable of providing a lifetime of limitless memories, companionship, and friendship. The odds of achieving the best pet ownership experience rely on several factors requiring serious consideration for the benefit of both a pet and its owner(s).

Pet ownership is a great responsibility and commitment. Pets have specific needs that must be met. Some of those needs translate into financial responsibility. A budget must be set aside to care for the needs of a pet. All pets require food. Some pets require special cages or products such as litter or filler for the bottom of a cage. Others may require specialized equipment such as filters or special lighting or yearly visits to a veterinarian complete with necessary and occasional testing and immunizations. Some pets may require special licensing through your town or county. Others may require the extra charges related to spaying or neutering.

A commitment of time is necessary for all pets. Some may require very little of one’s time while others may require much exercise and companionship. Certain breeds of dogs, for example, may be prone to boredom if not exercised regularly. Many times this boredom is acted out in a destructive way. Some dogs may chew when bored. Others may dig in a yard while unattended. It is important to take the time to become educated about the common known habits and possible personality traits of the pet you are considering for adoption.

All pets have specific requirements when it comes to their living environments. Does this pet require an enclosed yard? Will it be content in its living quarters inside the house? Is this pet going to live exclusively inside the house, or will it be allowed to travel outside without supervision? These are important issues to ponder prior to discovering your pet has just bolted out of the house or yard and is unresponsive to your calls to return.

Pet owners may find jobs or pleasure take them away from the home from time to time. Pets will need to be cared for in the absence of an owner. Is there someone available to feed and care for your pet in your absence? Perhaps you will require the services of a facility committed to caring for pets while owners are away. These needs translate into money and time issues and should be carefully considered.

Allergies to pets is a sad and unwelcome surprise some discover after a period of bonding has been established. Take the time to expose yourself and others living in the house to pets of the same breed as the animal you are preparing to adopt. Allergies may range from very mild to the most extreme including allergy induced asthma or allergic skin irritations. Some pets are known to cause less allergies than others. It would be important to be aware of these facts when making the choice of a pet.

Grooming is another very important need for some pets. Some dogs and cats require the services of a groomer to stay healthy and well cared for. Some grooming may be performed by an owner, but there are some breeds of dogs requiring a specialized type of grooming considered difficult for the average owner.

Pets provide a lifetime of memories and happiness if cared for properly and with much love. Proper care will be rewarded by a family pet a hundred times over in devotion to a master or family. Most importantly, a pet will be a loyal and devoted member of the family till his dying day proving that with adequate care and limitless love, he will fill a very special place in the hearts of those who become his family.

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