What you need to consider before getting a pet – Part 14

Having all kinds of pet s as I grew up, I know what I needed to think about before I took my children to pick out pets. One of the first things you need to consider is will this pet be happy in the house environment you will be providing? Will this pet need constant care that you can not provide with your lifestyle?

What size house or apartment do you have should be taken in great consideration when deciding the size and number of pets you would like to have. Keep in mind there are laws different in each state tell govern the amount of pets per square foot you can have. You need to also consider your neighbors. will this animal cause a disturbance to my neighbors.

Do you have a fenced yard witch is needed for most dogs to have a place to run and play especially with children who want to play with their new best friend. Can you afford to properly care for these animals? This is not as simple as feed and forget.

Animals need vaccinations, tags, check ups. The new pet will need to be fixed as well if they are a cat or dog that is. These all cost money and need to be done to ensure the safety of your pet and your family. Adopting from a pet rescue or pound is a great thing to do. The pet will most likely not be free like the one in the news paper but will most likely be vaccinated and fixed and is defenety friendly or would not be up for adoption.

If you are adopting a pet for yourself keep all these things in mind and remember a pet is a commitment for the life of your pet. You should not get a pet if your home is unstable and if your finances do not allow for the proper care of your new pet.

If you are looking for a pet for your child take it from someone with lot’s of experience telling your kids you have to take care of the new pet once we get one will not relieve you from caring for the pet. You need to consider weather or not you or any member of your family is allergic to pet hair or dander. If this is the case a poodle is for you these animals are totally hypoallergenic and are sweet natured good pets. They do not shed.

You need to think about the age of your new pet as well. Why you may ask? A puppy will need to be house trained this may be made more difficult if someone is not home all the time. A full grown dog or teen-aged dog most likely will be house trained already. Usually with a cat you will not need to worry about the house training part they use the litter box.

Do you travel? For your job or just for fun? Is this a lot of your time? If so who will care for your animal that needs to bond with an owner not an animal sitting service. You need to consider the breed of animal as well.

Some dogs need more activity than others. Grey Hounds need to run and jump and play.

A great Dane though big are not as active but still need love and some play time daily. You also need to be sure not to pick a breed known for having predatory aggression as a trait. This can be dangerous for small kids when grabbing near that animal while eating etc… This does not always happen but it does you have seen this on the news as well as being able to ask a dog breeder or vet.

Be sure you do do your homework when getting a new pet and be sure you are ready for the responsibility and changes that come along with being a pet owner.

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