What you need to consider before getting a pet – Part 12

Who doesn’t love a little doggie, a kitty, a bird, a rabbit-what have you?

All pets are wonderful-but they are only wonderful for the right people.

We all fall in love with the doggie in the window and want to take him home. But when we get him home we finds he needs a lot of care and attention.

This fine if you have the time and ability to care for the pet but too many people take pets home with them only to find them too much work and too expensive.

Adults and children alike love animals and animals love people, too. It’s a wonderful relationship and can be something wonderful under the proper circumstances.

But, too many times, children beg their parents for a pet-maybe a dog or a cat-and just carry on until their parents feel almost forced to get them the pet.

This is when the trouble sometimes comes-even though pets are wonderful.

Children being children, may lose interest soon and then no one pays attention to the poor animal except the parents.

This is fine if the parents are ok with this, but it’s not fine if they are stuck with an animal that no one wants to care for.

It’s not fair for the pet to be brought into a home where it’s not wanted.

So, if you are a parent, be sure you are prepared to love and care for the pet if your child loses interest, because you never know about kids.

The whole point is that the pets needs should be considered above everyone and everything else.

To bring a pet into a home just to be ignored or mistreated is not a good situation. So think hard and long before you make this decision, in fairness to yourself and the pet.

On the bright side of this picture, many children love and treasure their pets. So you will have to decide what kind of child you have.

Dogs in particular make such good pets for people because dogs instinctively love people.

Pets are wonderful when they are paired up with the right people.

For people living alone, pets are such company.

Anyone who has ever had a dog knows that the love they give you is wonderful. There’s nothing to compare with it.

A dog can be a real companion.

A dog can make his owner very happy and a dog can give a person a reason to live.

Studies have been made that suggest that people who have pets survive their illness’s best.

I guess its because they think they have to get well to take care of their pet, because that pet depends on them.

Pets are wonderful. Dogs have even been taken into nursing homes to make the residents happy. The patients always are so glad to see them and pet them. There’s a strong bond between people and dogs.

Just be sure when you take a pet into your home, you really want it and will take good care of it and love it.

Otherwise just play with someone else’s pet.

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