What you need to consider before getting a pet – Part 11

Pets are wonderful to own. They can bring so much comfort and joy to a household. Pets make excellent companions and have been known to even reduce the amount of stress in a person’s life. They offer unconditional love like nothing else. However, there are certain things one should consider before choosing a pet, or in deciding what kind of pet they should opt for.

Some guidelines to consider are as follows:

– The amount of space you have to accommodate a pet. You first need to

consider the size of your home or apartment and in the case of rentals, if

you are able to have certain pets. If you live in a more confined space,

either a cat or small dog might be your option. Or you might consider something

even smaller yet, such as a hamster, bird(s), or reptiles. If you are opting

for a dog, you should also give thought to how much yard space you have. Dogs

need a lot of room to run and play.

– The amount of time you have to offer a pet. Certain pets need a lot of

attention, such as going for walks or even tending to their feeding and

general maintenance schedules, such as cleaning out litter boxes or cages.

Many pets need a lot of grooming or other kinds of special care. If

everyone in the household has a busy lifestyle, how much time can you

afford to set aside for the proper care of your pet? It would be terribly

unfair to any pet if they had to wait countless hours to have their needs


– Affordability is a major consideration. Owning pets can be a very expensive

endeavor. There are veterinary bills to think of, having your pet spayed or

neutered, as well as other immunizations/medications a pet might need. Even

purchasing food, toys and paraphernalia for your pets can strain the household

budget. You must first consider if you can fit this in with all your other

necessities and daily/monthly expenses.

– One must also give thought to allergies. Often times a pet is brought home,

only to discover that someone in the family is allergic to them. If you know

beforehand of any allergies that might arise due to certain species of animals,

consider other options for a pet.

– Animals can become ill just as humans can. They can even be inflicted with

many of the same kinds of illnesses and diseases. Are you able to cope with

such an undertaking, both financially and emotionally? Unfortunately, our pets

do not live as long as we do. Would you be able to prepare yourself for the

eventuality of losing that pet?

– Babysitting, or rather pet sitting, is also a consideration to keep in mind.

Should you go on holidays or need to be away from your pet for an extended

period of time, do you have someone you could entrust to the care of your

beloved pet? Along the same lines, should your pet outlive you, are you able

to make provisions for your pet’s care after you are gone?

Taking care of pets is a very big responsibility. You have to weigh out all the pros and cons before you bring these little lives into your home. Too often people will adopt a pet, only to find that someone in the family is allergic, or that they just don’t have the time to care for one. These things should have been considered well in advance to their adoption. It is sad for a pet to become accustomed to the family, only to have to be uprooted and find another home for it. Pets can become traumatized by too many changes. Be a responsible pet owner and take care of them…. they will bring you years of countless joy and companionship, espcially if you take the time to choose one that fits your situation and lifestyle.

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