What you need to consider before getting a pet

New pets means new responsiblities. Pets are similar to infants in the respect that they require a lot of love, devotion, and care. Pets depend on you their owners for all their needs much like a child. Pets are not a decision that should be made on a whim. Before getting your pet there are some things you should consider. It is important to get a pet that best fits your lifestyle so that the both of you are happy and well taken care of.

Pets are like people. They each come with their own personality. The personality of your pet should be considered before you bring home Mr. Barky from the pound. A dog is a very loving and loyal fan of you and will require much of your time, effort, and attention to be happy and healthy. Dogs make wonderful pets for families that are home every night and are devoted to walking, hiking, swimming, etc. Exercise is a very important factor in your dogs health so if you are a couch “tater” who never exercises a dog may not be your ideal pet. Dogs will also enjoy your company during their play time. If you do not have the time to play fetch with your new dog for a while each evening you may not want a dog as a pet. Dogs enjoy time alone but to be happy must also see time spent with you. Proper health care is also important for your pet. Vet bills are not cheap and should be considered before you bring home a new pet.

If you are a less active individual, who does not care to constantly bestow love on your pet, and who has no patience for house breaking you may want to consider a cat as your new pet. Cats are independent animals who fare well on their own. They want to know you care for them and they want to be petted on their own terms which are much less often than your dog. Your feline companion will require less exercise than a dog will. Cats are generally easy house broke. The process involves simply showing the cat where it’s litter box is located, sitting the cat in it and then scratching in the litter with it’s paws. Cats are smaller pets so they will require less food purchases. Cats as well as dogs needs to be taken to a vet for proper medical care.

If you have a life style which requires you be away from home often it is difficult to find the correct type of pet. If you are home little you need a pet that requires little love, attention, and care. You need a pet that you can trust not to destroy your home while you are out. Some types of pets that might work well for you are fish, a hamster, lizard, etc. These

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