What to do if your pets dont get along

Managing a household of pets when one of them doesn’t get along with the other animals can be quite a challenge. How can you ensure that your new dog will get along with your old pets? Or how can you make your old pets welcome your new dog gracefully?

1. Choose a Friendly Breed

If you have many pets at home, choosing a friendly, playful breed with ensure peace in your house. On the other hand, your poor cat might have a tough time if you bring home a breed of dog that has been trained for generations to hunt small furry animals. So, select a friendly breed.

2. Keep the Dog on a Leash during the First Introduction

Your life will be easier if your dog knows the basic commands of “sit,” “stand,” “down,” or “come here.” If he doesn’t, you should teach him at the earliest possible. You will find it easier to manage a trained dog in a house with many pets.

In any case, keep your dog on a leash when you first introduce him to your old cat or dog or any other pet. If your new dog grabs your cat or your ferret and shakes them even in play, he could easily kill these little creatures.

3. Closed Door Technique

You are lucky if your dog gets along with your other pets at the first meeting. If not, try the closed door technique. Confine your new dog to a separate room, along with his bedding and bowl. When you feed the dog, feed the other pets too on the other side of the door. The idea is to get the animals to associate each others’ smell with something they love a lotfood. However, don’t place the bowls too close to the door because too strong a scent can upset them.

Every day, move the bowls closer to the door. One day, you can open the door slightly and let the animals see each other as they feed. This technique usually helps pets to become friendlier.

4. Exchange Sleeping Areas

Confine your other pets and let your dog explore their sleeping areas. Later, you can confine your dog and let your other pets explore your dog’s sleeping area. The idea is to familiarize the animals with each others’ scents.

5. Give Them More to Smell

Rub your other pets with a small blanket or rug and place it beneath your dog’s feeding bowl. This enables your dog to associate your other pets’ scent with something as pleasant as eating.

6. Exchange Toys And Blankets

Let your dog play with toys belonging to your other pets. Give your dog’s ball or any other toy to your other pets. This will help them enjoy sharing their things with each other, and of course, associate each other’s scents with something delightful.

7. Never Scold Your Dog

Never scold your dog for behaving badly with any of your other pets. He will learn to associate the unpleasant experience with your other pets. If this happens, he may never become friendly with them.

Playing referee to a couple of animals that can’t get along is not an easy job. Moreover, animals can easily get injured in a fight. So, if none of the above tips work, it is time to get professional help.

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