What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 8

The Obama Pet

Pets offer us all, especially children with an affectionate and beautiful spirit that understands and loves unconditionally. Treats help too! It is wonderful that President-Elect and Mrs. Obama

have made the decision to get a dog for their two young daughters. With the many changes in their lives, the stability of a pet will fulfill their hearts with a sense of joy

Dogs of all breeds, all sizes and all ages ages are fantastic. Yet, selecting a dog to fit the family is a highly personal thing. Understanding that there are some considerations; like allergies in the Obama

family, the process get narrowed down. While all dogs have some danger and shedding, some dogs are what are considered to be, “hyper-allergenic.” This means that they are usually best for those with allergies. Many dogs like Poodles, Maltese, and Bichon’s

have “hair” as opposed to “fur” and they usually do not shed much, if at all. Poodles come in a variety of sizes from teacup to toy to mini to standard. Many Standard Poodles are as tall as large breed dogs. Bichons

are usually small, in the 10-15 pound range and Maltese, while tiny have a lively personality too. Often, many of these breeds and others are mixed to form what some consider, the best traits of each

So many magnificent dogs are in shelters or rescues for a variety of reasons. They are waiting for a special home to call their own. Many of these dogs are pure bred and others are mixed breed. Despite their past history, each one offers friendship and years of joy and friendship. The Obamas’ have the opportunity to show othere

Americans by their selection of a dog from a shelter or rescue what beautiful pets these adorable gifts from G-d make. And it could start a trend for others to follow.There is no better holiday gift than to adopt a puppy or dog and make your home their home too. And for one very fortunate dog, they will call The White House their home for some years to come.

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