What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 7

There are hundreds of different kinds of dogs out there for the taking but someone in the Obama family is allergic to dogs. Well, there is at least one non-allergic dog variety that can fit into the Obama family life style in the White House. Yes, that’s what our next President said to his daughter.

Then again, having a dog in the White House seems to have become standard operating procedure for the several past Presidents and Barack Obama clearly doesn’t want to offend the pet lovers within the United States of America by not sharing the White House with a dog.

On the other hand, those dogs didn’t seem to mind sharing the White House with the two-legged dogs, so to speak, that we voted for in past years. I suppose that’s due to the fact that those dogs got the best of care in the comfort of the White House without having to deal with those dogs in those other Countries.

That doesn’t mean that those dogs don’t know how to defend themselves. Just ask the reporter who was bit by President Bush’s dog. Monkey see, monkey do, and it’s quite possible that his master took a few bites out of the reporters who asked questions that our President would rather not answer.

I expect that President Obama will have a more humane way to deal with such disagreeable reporters. As a matter of fact, his new dog will probably lick the hand of all who try to pet the creature. Then again, a dog that just shows its teeth when it feels threatened is more likely to bite a supposed attacker, than simply bark or cry and scream about some perceived injustice.

Make no mistake, our new President doesn’t cry and scream about the things that he doesn’t like because he knows that there is a better way to deal with the bad guys. He sues the daylights out of them in a court of law. I myself wonder if his new dog will go to law school or receive special guard dog training.

If I was President Obama, I’d get me the most vicious pit bull that I could find and keep the animal as far away from my family as possible. Clearly, he will need as much protection as he can get when he proceeds to put an end to political corruption and end the greed of the owners and the controllers of our almost bankrupt financial institutions and those multinational corporations that have taken away millions of jobs from the citizens of the United States of America.

So too, you better believe that Bareck’s dog will be willing to die as a result of the defense of his master’s life. Yep, those kind of loyal and obedient dogs are few and far between, so to speck, in the animal World where all of our pets came from to reside in our homes.

Yup, and those reporters wouldn’t dare to subject themselves to the criticism of their readers by asking dual meaning questions or portray our President as being nothing more than a dummy. Never mind about those dog lovers who will have their wish to see a dog in the White House.

You see, if any of them really cared about the well being of our newly elected President and his family they would provide such an animal to him and his family, free of charge. I suppose that some of those those people will be grateful for not losing their home and their life savings to another greedy bank or some such financial institution.

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