What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 6

With less than sixty days to go before he takes the oath of office, Barack Obama have yet to own up to his promise of adding an additional member to his first-family household. Here are my suggestions of what the Obama Family should look for in a new pet dog.

A collie will make a superb addition to the Obama household; it’s domesticated status and trainable potentiality, will enhance the first family’s overall quality of life. The collie is not only a handsome breed of dog, but it elicits a proud picture of true balance with a face that shows high intelligence. Furthermore, Malia and Sasha will be drawned to its’ playfulness and friendliness.

Another breed of dog that will make a superb addition to the Obama Clan is the Doberman Pincher. Despite the Doberman’s reputation of being a vicious guard dog, these animals are rather tamed and friendly. In fact, they have been known to possess a friendly disposition, and to run and play with their owners. A doberman is only as vicious as his or her owner makes him.

The fox terrier is another balanced and well-proportioned breed that will also make a superb addition to the Obama household. These dogs are known for their quick intelligence; and because they have a mild temperament, they make excellent family pets. They are also very active, which make them good exercise companions when you’re out on your daily regiment. The fox terrier is also very affectionate and playful; also, they have well-developed hunting instincts, and they can become grouchy when deprived of human companionship which may lead them to exhibit undesirable behavior. But overall, they will complement any owner’s household and make him or her a proud owner.

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