What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 5

It is such a nice topic to write and at the same time it provides us a nice way to feed some humour in to it. Before entering into this topic here I wanna congratulate new US president Mr. Barrack Obama. This post deals with giving some useful tips to get Mr. Obama a new pet Dog. The main reason why Obama family is getting a new pet dog is, after Obama gets in to White House he won’t get much time to spend with his childrens and wife. So by that time that will play with their new pet in order to spend some useful time. But for this what kind of dog will suit them? That’s the question here… From my point of view Mr. Obama family seems to be soft natured type. So based on this the best Dog that will suit them is “Vodafone Dog. I hope that you all remember this Dog, it is very famous all across the world by coming through a famous advertisement. It is too a very soft type and cute too. So Mr. Obama will surely like this Dog a lot as compared to other kind of breeds. Here after Obama no need to worry about his family afer he gets into work, because he got a nice solution to make his family happy without his presence. I hope that you all like this Dog a lot and also my suggestion about this breed. What you think about it? Try it out…

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