What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 4

The new White House puppy should be intelligent

The pet dog for the Obama family should above all be intelligent. After all this new family pet will be living in the White House with a very intelligent family and maybe offering its own form of White House wit and savvy. So intelligence being the highest attribute of the new White House dog, the Obama family should look specifically for an intelligent dog.

The next most important criteria should be breed. It should be a breed that loves children and doesn’t bark a lot. My choices for best breed would be a Labrador or Skipperkee. They are not only intelligent but they love children and are very maternal and protective. They usually only bark when their territory is threatened and they make excellent watch dogs.

The Skipperkee is a small dog and the Labrador is a large dog but not too large. They are both cute dogs. The dog for Barack Obama and his family should definitely be cute.

Female dogs are best for children since they are more maternal and they are easier to train, so they should choose a female dog.

Once they get their dog after choosing an intelligent, cute, and protective breed, they should immediately train their dog. This takes some work. The small dog is a little harder to potty train since it has a smaller bladder, so the smaller dog should be taken out every half hour for about two months for training. The larger dog should go out every hour.

Also they should work on training their new puppy not to bite. He should learn to sit, lie down, and walk nicely with the leash. If the dog is very intelligent, he will learn all this quickly. The new puppy should also be trained to not jump on people, not bark at every person, and not bark at other dogs. Crate training is the best way to train a new puppy.

The best idea for training the new White House puppy would be to send the puppy to puppy training school. Once he learns all his commands and things to do he will naturally do them for his new owners, Sasha and Malia. Sending the new puppy to training school will afford the Obama family a relaxed transition to having a family dog.

In conclusion, their are many breeds that are suitable for living in the White House with the first family, as long as they are above all intelligent.

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