What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 3

What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog?

Choosing a dog is an enjoyable adventure. There are many different aspects to consider to make certain you make the best choice possible both for your family and for the new pet. Obviously, one major consideration for the Obama family is the issue of allergies. Therefore, the first place to start is with a breed search to determine the type of breeds that will not be a problem for a family member with allergies. Mixed breed dogs make wonderful pets. With allergies an issue, it is essential to know the type of breeds that are involved. A search on www.dogbreedinfo.com provides good information on various types of breeds and even on mixed breed dogs. Behaviors such as excessive barking, compulsive digging , and ease of training should be considered. The Obama’s might also need to consider the size of the dog combined with its energy level.

Most definitely, the Obama family could set a wonderful example for others if they would choose a dog from a shelter or rescue organization. The emphasis has been on the adoption of a puppy but the adoption of a young dog should not be ruled out. There could be numerous advantages to adopting a young dog that has somewhat outgrown the usual puppy chewing stage and might even be housebroken. Most importantly of all, the selection of a new puppy or dog should be an event that is guided by the knowledge of the parents combined with the desires of the children. The girl’s choices should come from dogs that have already been determined by the parents to be an approved option.

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