What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 24

Incoming President Obama will have substantial distractions on moving to the White House. During this time his young family might be feeling a little lost with him so busy and the new surrounds so vast. Allowing them a puppy was a thoughtful and wise decision.

Now comes the hard part, for rushing this decision can result in unnecessary stress. Puppies are hard work. While instinctively one might imagine a Dobermann would be a good choice being both intelligent and protective, they are harder than any in the puppy stages. The Dobermann doesn’t mature enough for successful training until they are around seven months old at which time they are already a large dog and hard to control for youngsters. With extra help in the training process these would still be a great option for anyone needing added protection as they are a faithful and loving, if somewhat bossy, companion.

Another and perhaps better option is the Labrador. The Labrador is a tolerant and trainable pet willing to suffer at the hands of small children and still capable of vast love for their tormentors. They are happy to act as a floor cushion for the heads of television watching children, play fetch or just sleep at the feet of the student studying. Cute and cuddly and far less excitable than the Dobermann the Labrador is a perfect family option for a busy household.

Whichever puppy is chosen there are a few things that make the initial stages easier. Firstly smaller running areas inside until fully trained, little puddles up the White House hallways might not be very dignified! Secondly be aware of the result certain foods have on the droppings, firm is easier to clean up before the guests arrive! Thirdly don’t allow the pup to be bossy, they do not sleep in people beds, they do not eat at the same time as people and they are taken for walks they don’t take you!

But most of all they hear all your secrets without gossiping, perfect to have around!

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