What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 22

From the labradoodle to the cockapoo, the Schnauzer to the Yorkshire terrier, there are a number of dogs that would make good additions to the Obama family.

The President-elect has stated he would prefer to adopt a dog from a shelter, but he’s also said he’s concerned about his daughter Malia’s allergies. While no dogs that are totally hypoallergenic, several breeds tend to trigger less severe reactions, and no reactions at all in some people.

Keeping these considerations in mind, possibly the best choice for the Obamas would be a poodle or a poodle mix. Because of their minimal shedding and the nature of their coats, poodles are considered low-allergy dogs. Malia herself has said she would like a goldendoodle, a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle. Both goldens and poodles are extremely intelligent and make good family dogs, so a goldendoodle with a poodle-like coat could fit right in.

However, the president-elect has also said they’d prefer to get a puppy rather than an older dog. With cross-breeds, it’s sometimes hard to know what characteristics will be prominent in the coat until the dog matures. So it might be safer in regards to Malia’s allergies to adopt a purebred dog, so the qualities of the dog’s coat will be more certain.

This doesn’t rule out adopting a dog from a shelter. Many shelter dogs are purebreds, and every breed has its own rescue organization. A poodle, either miniature or standard, might not be that hard to find, either from a local shelter or a rescue organization. Either would be likely to allow Malia to spend some time with a dogone of the best ways to determine how someone with allergies will react to an animal long-term.

With careful investigation, the Obama family is likely to find a good option that will work well for everyone. Whatever dog finds a home in the White House will undoubtedly be lucky and well-loved.

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