What should the Obama family look for in a new pet dog? – Part 21

Many people believe that the dog you choose for yourself is a reflection of you. We have all seen strong, athletic men walking around with tiny Chihuahuas or seemingly fragile women showing a pitbull on a leash who’s boss. Whatever type of dog President-Elect Obama chooses for his family will tell the public a lot about himself.

First and foremost, the dog should be good with children. Since the two Obama girls are still young, this should be a dog that can grow with them, play with them in a gentle manner, but still have enough energy to keep up with them. A small dog may become too stressed out with all of the activity going on, so I would recommend a medium to large dog.

Secondly, the dog needs to display some sense of intelligence. A good family dog is one that can easily be taught tricks and follow commands. If our Commander-in-Chief can’t control his own dog, what chance does he have with the rest of the country?

Next, the dog needs to be strong and sturdy. This could be the beginning of an eight year term, with all of its ups and downs and the dog needs to be able to handle all of the stress and changes that could come about.

Lastly, the Obamas should highly consider rescuing a dog from a local shelter or pound. There are so many wonderful dogs that need homes, so many dogs that are strong, intelligent and great with children. They would rescue a life and provide an excellent example for the American people.

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